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AmSAT is the nationwide organization of the Alexander Technique. You can purchase the many related books, articles, CDs and DVDs, and find the teachers list in your area.
ACAT, located in NYC, is the first school for training the Alexander Technique teachers in US. They have a list of the teachers in your area.


In August 2008, A research by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) showed that back pain can be reduced by 85% through the lesson of the Alexander Technique. It determined that the Alexander Technique can offer the most effective long-term benefits for patients with non-specific, chronic low-back pain.
This is my final paper at ACAT, which includes my 3 years exploration on singing using the Alexander Technique.
This is my article about my exploration on swimming which is one of my daily activities.
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– (Japanese News Paper(NY JAPION) March 26, 2010)
This is my article about the Alexander Technique in general.
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