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Satoko was certified as an Alexander Technique teacher by ACAT and AmSAT after completing 3 years required training program.
Alexander Technique

Satoko Kajita‚Äč

certified teacher: ACAT, AmSAT

She received M.A. of English literature from graduate school of Kobe City University of Foreign Studies in Japan, and finished the doctoral courses (ABD). She holds the Specialized Teacher’s Certificate (English) for Junior High School and High School in Japan.

She taught literature at the university as an adjunct instructor for 3 years, and sung as a jazz vocalist in Kobe area. She moved to US in 2003 to study voice performance at Berklee College of Music with a scholarship, and received the Two-Year Certificate.

She taught the Alexander Technique in NYC area and assisted the classes at The New School University, JCC, Teacher Certificate Program at ACAT, Free Monthly Demonstrations of the Alexander Technique at ACAT, New York Open Center and Mozart Academy.

She also performed as a vocalist and Sanshin player in NYC area. In 2011 she moved to Washington DC. She teaches the Alexander Technique in Washington DC metropolitan area (Including Northern Virginia and Maryland).

In 2023 she got a certificate to teach the Alexander Technique to children at primary school, elementary school, middle school and young adults at tertiary schools by The Developing Self in UK.

About Dignity and Equality

Satoko supports equality, diversity and inclusion, and opposes any kinds of prejudice and discrimination.


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